Reasons For Low Water Pressure In Your Home

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After a long day at work or an intense workout in the gym, there’s almost nothing better than a long, hot blast under the shower. And if it’s a mere hot trickle, there’s almost nothing worse. So if you’ve got low water pressure at your place, it’s time to get to the bottom of it fast.
The causes of low water pressure can be serious, leaving you not just chilly and unsatisfied, but out of pocket for serious repairs and damage.
Why is my water pressure low?
1. Clogged pipes or fixtures
More often than not, low water pressure in shower, bathrooms and other parts of the house are caused by your pipes.
Hopefully, they’re not broken or leaking, because they could be causing an awful mess if you haven’t discovered those damp carpets or walls yet.
More likely is that rust, calcium, debris, and sediment is just disturbing the flow of water. The problem could be simply in the shower head or tap itself, especially if you’ve noticed that one outlet has good pressure while another is low.
2. Hot water system sediment
It could be that the sediment is building up in the actual hot water system, in which case the hot water pressure will be affected throughout the entire house.
Luckily, a good plumber can drain, clean and flush your hot water system, and hopefully restore that lost water pressure.
3. Hot water system problems
If you know your area well and know for sure that water pressure isn’t a factor, it could be that your hot water system needs repair or replacement. A clear way to know the hot water system is the issue is to compare the flow with the cold water supply. If the hot water pressure is a lot lower than the cold, and you have low hot water pressure in whole house, you could have a system problem.
4. Hot water system filter
Some hot water systems have handy filters that are located on both the input and outputs. If they do their filtering job right, they will eventually need to be cleaned – and they could become so dirty that they are clogged. It could also be a valve that has given up the ghost, so give your plumber a call for assistance.
What to do about low hot water pressure:
1. Isolate
Hot water pressure low in the shower but nowhere else? Is the problem in one room, one fixture, or the whole house? Successfully isolating the problem is the first step.
2. Check leaks
Are there any signs of damp, including in the walls or carpet? Have you had a cursory look in the ceiling space? If you think you’ve found a leak or suspect one, call a plumber immediately to prevent further damage.
3. Check calcification
If you’ve narrowed down the leak to a particular fixture or room, check for calcification inside the fixture or pipe.
4. Check the hot water system
If the problem is throughout the whole house, it could be the hot water system that is on the blink. Check it over to see if there are leaks or damage, and test the valves.
5. Call the pros
If all else fails, don’t forget that you can always call your local plumber – especially as most hot water plumbing can actually be illegal or dangerous to DIY.
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